"Thank you so much for being so open to the Spirit of the Lord. You had no prior knowledge that I have been struggling with Fibromyalgia. It has been especially difficult over the past year including dealing with side effects from the medication. Migraines and chronic insomnia have also plagued me because of the Fibromyalgia. God so used you this morning to minister to my soul and spirit. What ministered most to my spirit was the acknowledgement that I carry too many unnecessary burdens of others, burdens that are God's not mine. I have been walking around today marveling at being pain free. Pastor Zak I can't remember a time when I was pain free. All glory to God! "

"I have lost almost 83 pounds so far and I am still losing. I am living in the prophetic words that are being spoken for this year but my breakthrough came after you prayed for me at the Jewish new year. The Lord has brought the freedom that I have cried out for or most of my life. He has broken off the chains that have held me for decades. Every time that you gave an altar call for the Lord to do what we believed was impossible in our life it was always my body and weight that I gave to Him. I still have structural things out of place in my spine but I know that the Lord is going to complete what He has begun and I will have a new body free from pain and limitations. I thank God that you are a Holy Spirit led Pastor Zak and I am so glad that our Lord Jesus is the God of the impossible!" "Since then my healing is still getting better and I have lost 122 lbs as of this date."​​