Real Life Group Vision

Let's see if we can begin to answer some of your questions.

What is a Real Life Group? Let's first define a Real Life Groups

Definition of a Real Life Groups

Like the human body, which is made up of millions of cells (the basic unit of life), the life of the Real Life Group is also in its cells (small groups in community). In this context, believers actively seek a relationship with God, each other and with unbelievers.
Through these committed relationships members encourage each other on to maturity in worship, edification, accountability and evangelism. This is true community.


The focus becomes the Real Life Groups. It is nearly impossible to nurture committed, effective relationships in the context of a large group. The cell becomes the place where the community and relationship, ministry and evangelism develop most naturally and powerfully (Acts 2:42-47). A gathering of the cells for celebration (Sunday Celebration Worship Service) joins each cell together as part of the larger body and provides corporate worship and times of teaching that bring the balance to the small group.

Every Member in Ministry

A fundamental belief is that all Christians should be growing in discipleship by being mentored and mentoring someone else. This provides discipleship and rapid growth at all levels of maturity. Mentoring helps to fulfill the biblical mandate for all Christians to be equipped for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11,12) and multiplies the discipleship process down into the cell. The result of all-member equipping and ministry is a natural lifestyle evangelism. Also the concept of every member in ministry encourages and validates those with a sense of market place ministry, breaking down the sacred/secular divide.

Our Real Life Group Values:

1.) Jesus is at the center of all that we do!
2.) Every member in ministry
3.) Every member growing
4.) Multiplication
5.) Sacrificial love
6.) Community
7.) Honesty and Integrity

Why should we have Real Life Groups at Jubilee Celebration Centre

So what is the big deal with Jubilee Real Life groups? Here at Jubilee Celebration Centre we commonly say that if you miss the Real Life groups you’ve missed half of church. Why is it so important that every person be connected to Jubilee Real Life group? Why is it emphasized so much? Does it really matter if you go or not? Here are seven reasons why Real Life groups are so important.

1. It is a Biblical principle. Jesus had a 'Real Life group' that he spent regular time with - his 12 disciples. In book of Acts we are told that the early church met regularly in the temple and from house to house (Acts 20:20). They met regularly in the large service and Real Life group context.

2. It facilitates relationships. Jesus told us to go make disciplined followers (Matt.28: 18-20). Each one of us has a responsibility to do that. But how can we help people to be disciples if we have no relationship with them? It's impossible. Relationships are built through talking, spending time together, discussing, praying together - Sunday's are good but not for that kind of activity. Real Life groups are the most effective way to facilitate relationship building - which is necessary to obeying Jesus' commandment.

3. People don't get lost. When the church is at 400 or 500 people (even now actually) so many people can come to service, go home and never meet anybody - never develop any friendships. They would get lost in the crowd. Jubilee Real Life Groups stop that from happening because everyone who goes to one has a personal relationship with a leader and other people. If you didn't go to Jubilee Real Life Group, you would not know or connect with a person that goes to Jubilee Celebration Centre, and we know you would be missing good relationships.

4. It facilitates greater learning. Sunday's are good to learn but what if someone has a question? They have no opportunity to ask it. What if they don't understand something? They can't stop the preacher and get him to explain it right then. But all this can and does happen in a Real Life group.

5. It releases people to do the work of the ministry (serving Jesus). Ephesians 4:11-14 talks about the job of Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets, Apostles and Teachers - it is to equip God's people for ministry/serving Jesus. It is not just the Pastor's job to lead, teach, and serve people; it is every believer's job. The Pastor simply shows them how and then gives them an opportunity to do it. Jubilee Real Life groups give 'every-day' believers the opportunity to do this...lead, teach, and serve people.

6. It is what God told our leaders to do. God specifically told Pastor Zak & Karen-Marie and confirmed it with so many people that we are to do Jubilee Real Life Groups (the Foundation of our Church is Jubilee Real Life Group in our home) and that everyone in the church is to be involved in.

7. It an extremely effective organizational principle that is vital for us to do what God has called us to do. Every successful large organization operates on some form of a Real Life Group principle. Take the army for example - an army of thousands is broken down into independent groups of 10-12 that are part of the larger whole. What if an army just had large rallies with all their soldiers but then each soldier just went out and did his own thing? They wouldn't accomplish much would they? They do it by working together in teams of 10-12. If we as God's army only met in large meetings and then just went out and tried to do our own thing we wouldn't accomplish much for God either. Real Life groups are effective when people have servant-hearts and a desire to fulfill the mission that Jesus gave us - to go and make disciples. If a person’s focus is only on himself or herself, and 'what does Real Life Group do for me' they'll never go too far with it. But if someone sees it for what it is - an opportunity to serve, give, and minister to others, as well as receive - they will buy into it 100%.

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