We're Glad You're Here!​

Helping people to know God is our ultimate goal at Jubilee Celebration Centre.
Real People Real Love Real Life
We strive to reach out to people who don't know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and introduce this extra ordinary God to them. Giving people the tools to turn their lives around and bringing hope to places of despair is our most important mission. We also believe God has created an amazing destiny for everyone and are committed to helping people live abundant lives, dream big and achieve their highest calling.
Our belief in God and a desire to live passionate and fulfilling lives that honour and glorify Him is what unites us at Jubilee Celebration Centre. We are a dynamic group of people who are always growing and moving in ways that expand God's kingdom. Reaching out to people in need in our own community and around the world is one of the many ways in which Jubilee Celebration Centre is impacting lives and making a difference. We believe we are creating a solid foundation for people to pursue a passionate and exciting life while strengthening their faith and understanding of God. It is also our goal to leave a lasting legacy for the generations to follow by attracting and retaining young and old people to our church and giving them the practical tools for a better life with God.
We want to help people really live to be Real people Real Love Real Life
Senior Leaders
Pastors Zak & Karen-Marie Gariba
Jubilee Celebration Centre – Orillia, Owen Sound & Alliston

We hope you'll join us for our weekly worship services to see for yourself what we're all about. Through passionate prophetic worship & contemporary music and practical messages, we present the ageless truths of the Bible in a format that's easy to understand, even if you've never been to church.

Welcome message from Lead Pastor Zak of Jubilee Celebration Centre on video
Where Is The Church?
Our weekly worship services are held at three locations,
In Orillia – Orillia Highwayman Inn, 201 Woodside Drive, Orillia at Sundays 5:30 pm
In Owen Sound – Bayshore Community Centre, 1900 3rd Avenue East, Owen Sound on Monday at 7pm
In Alliston – Gibson Culture Centre, 63 Tupper Street West, Alliston on Wednesday at 7pm
When Is The Worship Service?
We would suggest arriving 30 minutes early to allow for parking, come in for fellowship where tea & coffee is served, and we have Real Life Kidz ministry available, the children would leave for the children`s room after the worship, Parents are to go and register their kids at the children`s room. The services last approximately 120 minutes more or less.
Do I Have To Wear A (Gasp) Tie?
Casual dress is very appropriate at Jubilee. You will see everything from suits to jeans. If you have a Bible, this would be a great place to bring it. And if not, we have some extra ones that we would be happy to lend to you.
Where Do I Go?
Come in the main entrance of Simcoe Room at the Highwayman Inn in Orillia or The Bayshore Community Centre in Owen Sound or The Gibson Culture Centre in Alliston and identify yourself as a first time guest to the members of our Smile Ministry Team who greet you at the door, give you a program containing information about Jubilee, they would also gentle ask of your name and give you a name badge so someone could read your name to say hello to you and they are very happy to help you. If you have children, the Welcome (Smile Ministry)! team can direct you to the entrance to the Real Life Kidz area and we encourage you to register your children after the worship. They will enjoy an age appropriate program while you worship in the adult service. Our Jubilee Real Life Kids ministry is secured and we use a system to notify you if your young child needs attention. Washrooms are available as you enter the worship centre. If you have any questions, members of our Welcome (Smile Ministry)! Team will be happy to help you.
What Happens In The Worship Service?
Our service begins with worship in song, led by a live band. Most people stand during this time, however, there is complete freedom to be seated if you prefer. The words of all of the songs are projected onto a screen at the front of the room and you are invited to join in, and sing along, giving praise to God. Most of all we want this time of worship to be a connecting point with you and God and you are encouraged to process the lyrics, reflecting on what they are saying about God and his place in your life. You'll probably hear songs you know or can relate to, even if you haven't been to church in years. This is very exciting for us to those who are part of the church, some may dance, raise their hands.

Like most churches we take an offering in our service. If you are a guest, we welcome you to participate in the offering as God prompts you, but please don’t feel any pressure from us. The tithe is primarily intended for our attendees who consider Jubilee their church home.

Please complete a welcome page in the black folder for each member of your family in attendance. Fill a simply page where you can record your name, contact information and requests for prayer or information. First time guests will receive a letter during the week. You won't have to recite anything or kneel at special times. You will not be singled out or asked to stand or raise your hand or anything else embarrassing so you can relax and enjoy the service. There's no reason to feel uncomfortable.

Jubilee may provide practical Bible messages that help you deal with real life issues. Pastor Zak preaches from the New American Standard Bible but there's no reason not to bring whatever version of the Bible you use. We'll even sometimes give you a handy outline with the main points and Bible verses. What you learn on the week, you'll be able to use during the following week.
After The Service
If you’re a first time guest at Jubilee Celebration Centre we want to meet you! Please stop by Smile Ministry in the lobby to pick up a free gift that we would love to bless you with. If you have any initial questions about what you've seen or heard at Jubilee Celebration Centre we would love to answer those questions for you. We look forward to meeting you. Also, don't feel that you have to hurry out the door. Why not grab a coffee and give our friendly church family a chance to meet you. And don't forget to pick up your children from Real Life Kidz Ministry before you leave!
So, One Service and That's It For The Week?
Not exactly. At Jubilee we really enjoy getting together at our weekly services to worship together. But we realize that as the church continues to grow it becomes more and more difficult to really feel connected to that many people. Almost all of the adults who attend our worship services will also be meeting during the week in small groups of people in various homes throughout Simcoe County. The purpose of these groups is to worship and study God's Word together and to develop meaningful and lasting friendships. Please call the church office for more information about our Real Life groups in your area.
I Still Have A Couple Of Questions...
Please feel free to contact us, either office@jubileecentres.org or by phone at 705-326-0522.
Anything Else?
One of the opportunities that we provide for you to learn more about to Jubilee is to send email to our office office@jubileecentres.org where you will get to meet our pastors, other newcomers, and some of the church leaders and members. This will be an informal time of fellowship including a brief discussion of the various opportunities for newcomers at Jubilee. This is a great opportunity to meet some people and ask any questions that you might have about the church and various ministries within the church. Not to mention the delicious dessert to enjoy at the end of the session! These events happen every 3 to 6 months. Please let us know if you are interested in attending by contacting the church office at 705-326-0522or email office@jubleecentres.org

The second opportunity that we provide for newcomers to Jubilee is our Believers class (How We Worship Christ). It examines the basics of our faith and what it means to be part of Jubilee Celebration Centre.
Please see  what Jubilee Centres Churches is all about  and ministries operating at Jubilee
Jubilee Church Services ... what to expect ...
Fellowship Time
Relationships are a big part of the DNA of Jubilee Celebration Centre.  We are a friendly church and would love to get to know you more! Join us for refreshments and snacks a half hour before each service, so that is 5pm on Sundays in Orillia, 6:30pm on Mondays in Owen Sound and 6:30pm on Wednesdays in Alliston.
Lively passionate worship is a characteristic of Jubilee.  Feel free to stand, sit, dance, or soak in the presence of the Lord.  Worship the Lord in song.
Smile Ministry
Our Smile Ministry team will be happy to welcome you as you come to Jubilee.  They will pass you a bulletin with information on what’s going on at Jubilee, as well as a name badge to help us to know and connect with one another.
Our Connections team play a vital role here at Jubilee; they have a gift bag for first time visitors so be sure to drop by if it is your first time visiting with us.  They are also a great point of contact for info on home groups, conferences, ministry opportunities.
Real Life Groups
We have Real Life Groups across the region; the weekly bulletin provides details of current groups.  They are an important part of our church ministry, delving into the Word, or following a teaching a series, and providing mid-week fellowship opportunities too.
Real Kidz Children's Ministry
Jesus said Let the Little Children come to me … and that is the heart of Real Kidz Children’s ministry.  Our curriculum has games, bible memory verses, Bible stories and puppet shows, and is for children aged 2 through 12.  Children join their parents for worship, and then after the announcements and tithe message, the MC will call the children to the front to be prayed for and released to children’s ministry.  Parents are asked to sign the children into Real Kidz, and please mention to the leader if there is anything the team needs to be aware of eg allergies or any other information it would be helpful to know. 
This is a ministry we are excited to be starting.  In Orillia, the Georgian Room will become our new nursery.  New Moms and Nursing Moms will be welcome to use this room during the service, and the service will be live streamed into that room.  There are baby change tables in the washroom upstairs at MaCabes and will be coming soon to the ladies washroom on the ground floor.
Youth & Young Adults (Suspended until further notice)
Youth and Young Adults get together for fun and relationship building once a month, on the third Sunday of the month in Orillia.  Join them for pizza and fun and games, and getting to know one another.
Prophetic Ministry
Jubilee is a prophetic church; this at times takes the format of a prophetic presbytery before or after service.  But prophetic is also a part of who we are, and team members will from time to time be asked to minister to the congregation.  If you receive a prophetic word during our service please write it down on a piece of paper and pass to our Connections team.
Prayer Ministry
We have a prayer team trained and equipped to pray for you.  At the end of the service an altar call will often be given inviting people to come forward to receive prayer.  Feel free to come forward for matters large or small, our team would love to pray for you.
Jubilee Cares
Jubilee Cares is a new ministry at Jubilee where we have volunteers who give calls to church family and recent visitors and share the love of Jesus with them and offer to pray with them.
Sound Ministry, Power Point, Set up and Tear down
Our services wouldn’t be able to go ahead smoothly without the valuable ministry of these teams, we appreciate them very much.
Man Cave (Men’s Ministry)
Men join together on the first Thursday of the month, to share, learn, grow, and pray together.  Everyone welcome.
Arise Women’s Ministry
Woman of all ages join in this new once a month ministry Last Thursday of every month. To build relationship, grow in the love of the Lord and step out in ministry. 
Pre-service Prayer
Every church service at Jubilee starts with prayer.  Join our team to pray one hour before service start time, that’s 4:30 on Sundays on Orillia, 6:00pm on Mondays in Owen Sound and 6:00pm on Wednesdays in Alliston.  Everyone welcome!
Relationship is a big part of Jubilee Celebration Centre's DNA, we are always looking for new ways to connect and make new visitors feel at home:
We have fellowship time, tea, coffee and snacks a half hour before each of our services in all locations, come join us, we would love to see you!
We have a welcome gift for all new first time visitors, so please be sure to visit our Connections table to pick up your gift when you come.
We have mid-week Real Life Groups across the region.  Call our office for a location near you!
We have Friends and Family Pot Blessing nights where we invite friends and family to come as our guests.
We have annual Christmas Dinner celebrations in early December for each location.
We have a Jubilee Cares team who give church members and visitors a call to pray for them and show
We have an annual church picnic and baptisms for the whole Jubilee family to come together.
Jubilee is training and equipping centre with training opportunities in many areas. Some of the Training events/conferences we have held are as follows, stay tuned for more upcoming events:
Hearing the Voice of God
Prayer Ministry Training
Prophetic Ministry Training
Teaching on the Father Heart of God
Teaching on Praying the Word of God
Encounter Weekends to learn victory strategies and deal with life's hurts
Financial Freedom Seminars
Marriage seminars
And many others.
Jubilee has Real Life Groups across the region, call our office for details of current courses, content has included:
Staying in Love
The Holy Spirit
Prayer Ministry
Battlefield of the Mind
The Blood of Jesus
And many others.
Missions/Itinerant Ministry
Jubilee is an outward focused church and we have a heart to bring and send teams to minister around the region. 
Some of the locations Jubilee teams have ministered include:
Moose Factory
North Bay
Smith Falls
United States Of America
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
Jubilee has helped with humanitarian assistance including the following:
Back packs for Students campaign
Food donations Drive to Orillia Food Bank
Assistance to Pregnancy Resource Centre
Toy Drive for Salvation Army in Orillia
Special donation for families in need at Thanksgiving & Christmas
Bible donation drive for Bibles for hospital in Moose Factory, Northern Ontario.
Assistance to Heidi Bakers Mission Projects in Mozambique, Africa
Jubilee is a family of churches across the region, as such we have multiple opportunities to connect with Jubilee churches across the region including:
Annual Church Picnic for all locations together
Encounter Weekend
Baptism Service
Conferences throughout the year
Opportunity to serve in Jubilee churches across the region.
Home groups across the region
Opportunity to service on church planting teams for future Jubilee camp