A Church That CARES
* To restore the hearts of the Fathers to their Children and the hearts of the Children to their Fathers

A Place to BELONG
* To be a safe place for people to grow in God's Love and gifts

A Safe Place For PRAYER
* To be a people who are getting healed up in the Father's Love so that we can live and serve out of pure hearts

A Loving Place To GROW
* To equip people to serve the Lord both at home and abroad with a pure heart and walk in their calling
* To be an Apostolic Church, drawing from the Nations and sending to the Nations
* To be a people moving with God's vision not ambition
* To Train and make disciples and they in turn make disciples for Jesus
* To be a resource centre for renewal and revival, to the Local and wider church and the community we serve
Jubilee Connections
Jubilee Orillia,   Jubilee Owen Sound     Jubilee Alliston
Jubilee CARES Coming Soon